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The Five Emperors

According to Sima Qian, the Five Emperors were the Yellow Emperor, Zhuanxu, Emperor Ku, Emperor Yao, and Shun. The Yellow Emperor, also known as Huangdi, supposedly ruled for an even 100 years, from 2697 to 2597 BCE. He is considered the originator of Chinese civilization. 

The power originating from the emperor symbolic change, new beginnings, prosperity, strength, embody wisdom and hard work

The Benefit Of Five Emperor Coin Auspicious Ring

 To attract fortune, success, and wealth
 To overcome obstacles
 To bring good luck with positive ‘chi’ energy and gives spiritual protection
 To ward off evil or negative thinking
 Losing possessiveness and gaining concentration
 Brings you joy and peaceful vibrations

Five Emperor Coin Auspicious Ring

The coins are designed according to Chinese metaphysics. The round shape represents heaven while the inner square represents earth. The exquisite and unique design enables you to become a unique scenery wherever you are.

With all these elements together, it possesses the power to attract wealth, luck, and positive energy to the wearer. The Five Emperors will guide you to the right path and give you courage & strength to move forward and face
any difficulties in life.


Most frequent questions and answers

Just wear the Five Emperor Coin Auspicious Ring on your finger and feel the power! 

Minors under the age of 16 and elderly people over the age of 70 are not recommended to using Five Emperor Coin Auspicious Ring. This is because they might not suppress the vital and aggressive energy from the fierce creature. Besides that, female should not wear it during pregnancy too.

Keep in a ventilated place when you are not using it.

  • Color: Silver
  • Size of the coin: 1cm; Openable Adjustable 
  • Weight:+/- 5.8g
Leann Pittman Sycamore IL

Review Text "I've never owned a Five Emperor Coin Auspicious Ring but choosing this one made me smile as soon as I held it. This ring is very nice looking with a stylish glossy silver color and it is sturdy."

Rebecca Burnside Hurley MO

"I am excited to have received this piece. I had been seeking for a protective coin and this is it! Since I have been wearing this ring, it wards away negativity. This is a beautiful ring. High quality. I've had it on since the moment it arrived. I don't ever take it off. The string is still in tact. I love it. I am satisfied with this until I can have a more custom piece created. Would buy again and recommend others to purchase it."

Alton McKinney Stamford CT

“This Five Emperor Coin Auspicious Ring is the replacement one when my son took the other that I ordered. So wonderful. I did have one bead that was not correct or "messed up" but I know that it is not on all of them. It was just a fluke and I am still very happy with this product. Thank you for this product.”

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